Salsa Supersaver FAQ

SuperSaver Membership

Take Salsa classes from as low as $3.75 with the Supersaver Package!  Call to find out more.

One-time Entrance Fee*     :     $135
Monthly Fee                        :     $65
Up to 17 Basic & Intermediate Salsa Classes per Month!
(That’s only $3.75 per class! ¹).

Choose any 2 fixed days to enter the club free of cover charge and attend both Basic and Intermediate classes for free on these 2 days!

There is an admin fee of $20 for a change in the days. If member can only attend 1 fixed day per week, monthly subscription fee is only $50. (That’s only $5.77 per class! ²)

* Package is valid for 2 years from date of entrance fee.
¹ Based on $65 per month, 52 weeks a year and 4 classes per week.
² Based on $50 per month, 52 weeks a year and 2 same day classes per week.


XENBAR Salsa SuperSaver – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1.    What is XENBAR Salsa SuperSaver?
SuperSaver is a 2-year membership program that allows you to enter the club without paying the usual cover charges on 2 fixed days of the week. You can also attend the Basic and Intermediate Salsa classes on these 2 fixed days for free and then social dance thereafter till late!

2.    How much are the fees?
To join this membership, you only need to pay a one-time entrance fee of $135 (that’s less than $6 per month) and the monthly subscription fee is $65 for 2-fixed days or $50 for 1-fixed day to maintain this membership.

3.    What if I miss paying my monthly subscription fee?
The membership will be automatically cancelled and you will need to pay another $135 entrance fee the next time you decide to rejoin. Hence it is important that you remember to pay your monthly fees on time.

4.    If I’m traveling overseas, do I still have to pay the monthly fees?
You may complete a Special Request Form and submit with supporting documents such as travel itinerary details or air tickets or photocopies or your passport to extend the validity of your monthly subscription period.

5.    Can I transfer my membership to another person?
No, the membership is not transferable to another person. But you may purchase it as a gift for someone else right from the beginning of the membership.

6.    I’ve attended some classes using my usual Salsa card. Can I upgrade to this program?
Yes, you may offset your entrance and subscription fees with the remaining value of your usual Salsa card provided that the classes on your card have not expired.

7.    What happens if I forget to bring or lost my student card?
If you forgot to bring your member card but would still like to attend the class, simply put a deposit of $20 to the reception who will return it to you when you present the card the following visit. If you have lost the card, an administration fee of $10 will be required for a new replacement card.

8.    Can I have more than one SuperSaver Membership?
No, each person can have only one SuperSaver membership at any one time because this membership is priced at a highly subsidized rate. For ladies, you may join the XENBAR Ladies Salsa Addict package which allows you to enter XENBAR and attend both Salsa classes everyday.

9.    Can I come on days other than that stated on my SuperSaver card?
You are most welcome to enter the club on days other than those stated on your SuperSaver card but you will need to pay the cover charge and for the Salsa classes separately.

10.    Can I change the 2 fixed days to other days?
Yes you can but there is an administration fee of $20 each time you change.

Aceki International Updates

Singapore Salsa Festival 2014

Singapore Salsa Festival 2014

Aceki's Singapore Salsa Festival is coming up on Dec 2014 this year.  Enjoy the full pass at only US$95 now (Singaporeans pay SGD$95 only!  Prices increase monthly).  
Look out for a great weekend of dancing & partying… Salsa, Bachata, Zouk styles and more.  With performances, workshops and parties, don't miss it!
Looking for those who would like to perform at the SSF 2014.  We are recruiting dancers, production, lighting & music & DJs to join our dance production for this event.  Interested parties, go to:


Dance Holidays with Aceki

Aceki brings you on holidays filled with dance, parties & new friends around the world.  Join us on our
escapades to explore dance & local cultures globally.
We have touched down on: Philippines, Cuba,
Argentina, USA, UK, France, Germany, Maldives, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Mexico, Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore & more!  Interested parties, go to:

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